Tips to Make Your eBay Listings More Appealing to Buyers

As an eBay seller, your eBay listing is your “salesperson.” It will either attract customers or drive them away. Even if other sellers are offering the same products as yours, if your listing looks more professional, then people will buy from you more often.

If you want to make more sales, improve your eBay listing to make the difference. Make it more appealing to buyers so that they will actually take a look at what you’re offering. So how do you do this? Here are some tips:

  • First, use an effective title. Make sure that your product shows up in search queries by using the right keywords. Be specific as possible by including the important attributes (size, color, model, and brand name) of your product in the title.eBay gives you 80 characters including spaces.  Try to use as many as you can.  The more keywords that people search for the better your listing will place in search.
  • After working on your title, focus and get informative with your description. There are a few things that you should remember when describing your products:
    • Start with the most important details that your buyers should know such as the size, color, shape, model, any accessories, etc., then go into details
    • Organize what you have to say so ideas and concepts are not jumbled. Write in a logical manner. Divide the texts by using sub-headings. Bullet lists also work well
    • Make your listing easy on the eye. Don’t use colored fonts on the entire product description area. Don’t capitalize all the letters as well. Use things like bold and Italics sparingly, just to give emphasis on certain words.
    • Check your grammar, and your spelling. A poorly-written description may discourage potential buyers as this looks unprofessional.  I like to create my listings in Microsoft Word first so I get both the spelling and the grammar checker.
    • Romance the item. Include a paragraph that tells a short story about your item, or why people should buy it. Get creative—it could boost your sales.
    • Use a lot of white space in your listing makes it far easier to read on a compute3r screen.  You do that by writing short paragraphs followed by an extra space.
    • Use short sentences and avoid really big words. newspapers and consumer magazines are written at an 8th grade level, as research has shown this is the grade level even educated people read comfortably at.
  • Include photos in your listing. One of the things that online shopping cannot give is the actual seeing and feeling of the product. That’s why it’s important to put photos in your listing so that customers can see what you’re offering.About three or four photos work best.  Be sure and show close ups if there is detail to be seen such as the makers mark on a piece of silver or pottery.
  • Adding your business logo to your listings will help differentiate you from other sellers, and will create brand awareness as well. You may also use HTML for your listings. There are user-friendly tools, which could help you with this, such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver.

So before you upload and publish your items on eBay, consider these helpful tips and it will improve your sell-through-rate.  Good luck on eBay.

Skip McGrath

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