Top 5 Most Popular eBay Auction Items

Today’s Guest post is from Rae Sterns –an enthusiastic blogger who enjoys spending her time running, reading, and feeding her social media addiction.  If you want to sell on eBay, Rae shows you the best-selling products and categories to sell in.

Top 5 Most Popular eBay Auction Items

Online auctions are a great way to get a variety of items for discounted prices. Many things can pop up in an auction, including anything from sporting tickets to clothing and jewelry to gadgets. But what are the best items to try and buy or sell? Whether you’re buying or selling items, you’ll need to know what items sell best. Here are the top five most popular online auction items.


These can be tickets to anything. Sporting events, the theater, the symphony, and popular concerts are all commonly seen items in the online auction world, as reported by the ReadySetAuction Blog. If you can’t find tickets to the game for the weekend, check out an online auction. You may find them there!


The newest gadgets like televisions, cell phones, cameras, or iAnything are always in high demand. But with our economy, people would rather get these items for less than sticker price. eBay auctions are a great way to find electronics for discounted prices. Check the auctions frequently, because many new, used, and refurbished items are constantly being released.


Whether it’s a football jersey, rare baseball cards, or World War Two paraphernalia, collectible memorabilia is constantly found on auction sites. Comic books, novels, collectible toys, and anything else that has had a limited production or is a one-of-a-kind item will do well on online auction sites. Get creative with ideas from Pinterest and showcase your newest purchases. Many online auction sites will have a Pinterest account that shows off their favorite items and can inspire you to get crafty.

Gift Cards or Vouchers

Many times, you can find gift cards to your favorite restaurant or store on an online auction. Many bidders can find high value cards for huge discounts.  You can get gift cards to restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, or movie theaters for great prices. These gift vouchers also make great presents for birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations.  You can find vouchers for specific experiences, like skydiving or a day at a go-kart track.


Apparel is common on online auctions, especially certain accessories. Purses, shoes, and jewelry are all popular items to buy and sell on online entertainment auction sites. However, be sure that if you’re buying a designer label, the seller verifies the authenticity of the item! Many large sites like QuiBids will do this before even selling the item, but it never hurts to check, especially when dealing personally with small sellers. It’s also a good idea to make sure that there are multiple pictures of the item you’re bidding on. You don’t want to find out that there is a rip in those new jeans when you take them out of the box.

Online auctions are fast paced and fun ways to find the products you want for potentially huge discounts. Check frequently and check many different sites if you’re looking for a particular purchase. Entrepreneur says that niche markets make up 43 percent of total sales online auctions. If you’re looking for a specific item, you may have some great luck on online auction sites.


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