5 Shapes of Amazon Sales Rank


Today’s post is a guest post by Jennifer Dunn of SellerEngine Software

5 Shapes of Amazon Sales Rank by SellerEngine Software

Amazon sellers care about Sales Rank. An item with a killer Sales Rank can be a huge moneymaker for your business. But they can also be a total bust.

Why? Because Sales Rank is more than just a single number. An item’s Sales Rank at any given moment isn’t indicative of an item’s potential future performance.

Instead you need to look at an item’s historical sales rank and see what trends emerge. Only then can you start making smart buying decisions.

We’ve identified 5 shapes of Amazon Sales Rank that will help you choose great inventory.

The Seasonal


The Seasonal is an item that’s only popular during a given time of year or on a predictable cycle. After a period of high sales, it quickly drops to the bottom of the pile, only to come back again in the future.

Recognizing seasonal items is easy if you have their history. Look for deep valleys and high peaks on a regular cycle.

If you’re buying a Seasonal item, you want to make your purchase before the boom begins, not as it’s ending.

The Steady


The Steady is an item that consistent stream of sales that you can count on. You likely won’t be the only seller on a Steady item. However, if you can get a good deal, you’ll grab a chunk of that market for yourself.

Remember that 20% of the market for an item that sells 100 units per day is better than 100% of the market for an item that only sells once a week.

When looking at historical Sales Rank, Steady items have very few deep valleys and few high peaks. Instead their sales rank stays relatively flat over time.

These 2 shapes are just part of the Sales Rank Puzzle. We’ve identified 3 more trends that you can look for when you’re looking at an item’s historical Sales Rank, as well as tips and tricks for finding this data.

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