Twenty Tips for Selling on Amazon – Tip # 15

15. Go the extra mile to remove negative feedback – When ever I get a neutral or negative feedback, the first thing I do is immediately email the customer with a very sincere apology and I include a $10 Amazon gift card as a token of my sincerity.  I do not ask the customer to remove the feedback in that email.  What happens is the customer usually writes me back tanking me for caring and for the gift card.  I then answer that email and do two things.  I explain how the error was made and I request that they remove the feedback.

In the case of the bracelet issue I mentioned above, the woman was still upset because the bracelet was a gift and a new one could not get there in time.  So I offered to mail a replacement bracelet to her sister whom the gift was for and we even gift wrapped it and sent it priority mail so she got it in time and I did that at no charge and she finally agreed to remove the feedback.

In all honesty this works about 60% to 70% of the time.  There are just some customers who are so angry they wont budge so there is nothing you can do about that but live with the feedback.  But if you can get over half of the bad feedbacks removed you can stay ahead of the game.   Note: the magic number with Amazon is 95%.  If you fall below that you automatically lose your featured seller status and your account is in danger of being cancelled.


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