Twenty Tips for Selling on Amazon – Tip #4

Here is the fourth tip in our series:

4.  Win the Buy Box to Increase Your Sales – Whenever a buyer does a search, several results come up.  When the buyer clicks on one of the results, the page that comes up is the buy box.  According to Amazon over 78% of all sales are made through the buy box, so winning the buy box is crucial to your success.

There are three ways to win the buy box every time:

  • Be the lowest price including shipping.  If a seller’s account is in good standing and they are the lowest price including shipping, their product will go in the buy box ahead of other sellers.  Note however, if a seller is in FBA, then Amazon assumes their shipping cost to be zero.  The reason for this is that Amazon Prime members get free 2-Day shipping on all products and all other Amazon buyers get free standard shipping on any item or shipment that totals over $35.Here is an example:  I am selling a set of chef’s knives for $129 + $9.90 shipping.  So the total with shipping is $138.90.   If an FBA seller has those same set of knives, he can price them at $137.90 – $8.90 over my selling price but, $1 under my total price and he will win the buy box because Amazon assumes his shipping cost is zero.
  • Sell an item than no one else has.  If you find a unique item and list it on Amazon, since you are the only seller, you will have the buy box every time.
  • Use Amazon’s bundling Policy to Create Unique Items.     If someone is selling the same item as you are on Amazon, think of creative ways to create a unique product bundle.  For example, one of the products I sell is Hazelnut oil.


By creating a bundle of three cans, I created a unique item and win the buy box every time (until someone copies me which sometimes happens).

You can also combine products to create a unique item.  This is a set of 4 kitchen knives I bundled together with a knife sharpener.


You can combine almost anything to create unique product bundles. The one rule however, is if you create a bundle that includes a media item such as a book or a DVD, you cannot list it in the media category and you cannot combine media products with other media products.


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