Twenty tips for Selling on Amazon – Tip #5 & 6

Both of these tips are fairly short so I decided to post them both on the same day.

5.  Answer Customer Communications quickly – When you get a question from a customer, Amazon wants you to answer it within 24 hours and if you do not that is a demerit against your account.  You can see customer questions in your Seller Central just to the left of the page and you can set up your account so customer questions are forwarded to your email so you can answer them even if you are not currently working on Amazon.  With smart phones you can even answer them from your phone.

6. If you are merchant fulfilling ship all orders within 1 business day and always enter the tracking information – Amazon requires you to state the handling time for all products and to meet that expectation.  Not doing so can lead to losing featured seller status and if your numbers are really bad you can lose your account.



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