Twenty Tips for Selling on Amazon – Tip # 8 & 9

These two tips are pretty short and sweet so I put them in the same post:

8.  Describe product accurately – this may seem like a no brainer, but believe me if there is even the slightest difference between the product you are delivering and what you describe in your listing, customers will notice.  This will lead to returns and negative feedback.

9.   Ask for Feedback – Amazon buyers seldom leave feedback unless you ask them.  I currently use Feedback Five.  This is a third party service that automatically sends out an email to each customer telling that if there is anything whatsoever wrong with the transaction to let us know and give us a chance to fix it.  The emails are sent out automatically and contain a link for them to just click on and leave feedback.  After 5 years on Amazon my feedback was still under 50.  After just two years of using Feedback Five, my feedback is now over 750.  And those emails have helped me prevent several negative feedback situations when customers contacted me first before leaving feedback.


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