Twenty Tips for Selling on Amazon – Tip # 17

17.  Manage Your Inventory proactively – Amazon assigns sales ranks to all products based on the recency and quantity of the sale.  So whenever you run out of inventory, the sales rank of that product just drops every day there is no product there.  I had one product I import from China that was a big seller with a sales rank of less than 2000 in the kitchen category.  Since I order them in large quantities it took a while to replace them when they ran out.  Within 30-days of not having that product in stock, the sales rank sank to over 60,000.  It took two months of selling just to get the sales rank back up to the 10,000 area.

So the lesson here is to manage your inventory so you don’t run out of anything.  You should know how long it takes to get an order placed, shipped to you and shipped to Amazon.   This is especially important as you approach seasonal holidays when sales can suddenly accelerate quite quickly.


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