Twenty Tips for Selling on Amazon – Tip #18

18.  Use Amazon FBA to Fulfill Your Multi-Channel Orders – If you sell on eBay, Etsy, or your own website, you can use Amazon to fulfill your orders from those sites.  If you look at your FBA inventory page, one of the action drop downs is Create Fulfillment Order.  See image:


When you select an item and click on go, you get a page where you fill in the buyers name and shipping address that looks like this.

click on the image to see a larger version – image will open in a new window

Since this is an actual fulfillment order I have changed or blacked out some of the contact info. But what you do here is enter all of the buyers information and then click continue and you get a screen that looks like this:

click on the image to see a larger version – image will open in a new window

Notice the shipping charge is $5.95.  That is quite a bit less than UPS or Priority Mail.  This may not be the best example as this product is quite small and light and I could also ship cheaper by first class mail, but I use an automation service called, which actually automates this process for me.  When an item sells on eBay it deducts the item from my FBA inventory, creates a fulfillment order automatically and automatically puts the tracking info into eBay as soon as Amazon generates it.


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