Twenty Tips for Selling on Amazon – Tip #19

19. Negotiate Exclusive Selling Arrangement with suppliers – In tip #4 I told you one way to win the buy box every time is to have an item to sell that no one else has.  One way to do this is find products and manufacturers that will give you the exclusive deal to sell on Amazon.  Here is how I do that:

I attend a lot of wholesale trade shows. When I am there I look for smaller manufacturers and in many cases the owner of the company is right there in the booth.  At the last Seattle Gift show we found a small jewelry company that makes everything in the USA.  Both of the owners were at the show.  I asked if they sold to eBay and Amazon sellers and they said they did not.  So I  went into my pitch.

“You know the reason most small companies like yours don’t want to sell on eBay and Amazon is that sellers start lowering your prices below what your brick and mortar retailers sell at and this get them upset with you.   So what I do is represent companies exclusively on eBay and Amazon so I can hold your MAP prices.

I also look out for your brand online and let you know if anyone is doing anything to undercut the brand.  And we give you approval of all our images and what we are saying about your product.

We do this for several companies and I would be happy to provide references.”

I used this very same pitch with the company at the Seattle Gift show and we now represent their entire line on eBay and Amazon on an exclusive basis.


Skip McGrath


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