Twenty Tips for Selling on Amazon – Tip #20

20. Learn How To Use The Amazon Keywords tool – When you create a listing Amazon gives you a field to list keywords.  Keywords are words or phrases that buyers type into the Amazon search box to find products.  But there are a couple of tips most sellers don’t know.

Here is what the keyword field looks like in Amazon create a product form:


  • It pays to repeat keywords in your title in your bullets and descriptions.  This is the first place the Amazon search engine looks.  It is OK to repeat keywords from your bullets and descriptions in the keyword field, but don’t repeat keywords in your keyword field that are in the title.  Repeating a word in the title and keyword field is completely ignored by the Amazon search robot.
  • Use competitor’s names as keywords.  Here is an example. One of the products I sell on Amazon is a concealed carry pistol holster.  One of the top brands in that market is a company called Galco, which I do not sell.  So if I have a holster listed for a Colt 1911 pistol I might put “Galco 1911 holster.”  This way when someone searches the term Galco 1911 holster, my holster listing will come up on the same page. Since my holster is similar but cheaper I can often win that sale.
  • One of the products I sell is outdoor firepits.  But some people type fire pit while others use firepit, so if I use Firepit in my title, I want to use fire pit as one of my keywords.
  • Although Amazon is pretty good at correcting spelling, they are not perfect so I often put popular misspellings in as keywords.  Some of the jewelry items I sell have turquoise stones in them and a popular misspelling is torurquoise, so I use that as one of my keywords.
  • Basically try and think of what other words people might type in when looking for something.  For example if you sell hand cream, you would want to add hand lotion to your keywords.  If anything is called by different names always use all the other names for it.

Well that is it for my twenty tips. Over time I hope to grow this list as I learn more tips. So you may want to check back on this article once in a while.  And if you have any tips you can think of that I may have missed, please use the contact us form on this website to let me know.

Skip McGrath


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