Dealing with Amazon FBA Split Shipments

One of the real pains related to creating Amazon shipments to FBA is that Amazon will often split your shipments up between several warehouses – essentially doubling your workload and shipping cost.   Well when I was having dinner in Las Vegas with John Bullard and his Mastermind group, I learned a little trick to avoid this without paying Amazon the 30¢ per item fee to elect just one warehouse.

Look at this image:

Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 12.24.22 PM

It turns out that when you select case-packed items instead of individual items Amazon almost always sends the entire case to one warehouse.   So lets say you have 24 of item X, 12 of item Y and 16 of item Z.  If you pack each item in its own box and ship that way, Amazon usually sends the cases to one warehouse.  The key is you must only have one of each type item in a box –you cannot put X and Y in the same box or it does not qualify for case pack.


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