Build Your Business by Spying on Your Competitors


First of all, there is nothing illegal, immoral or unethical about spying on your competitors.  It’s done all the time in business.  I am not talking about stealing secrets or wiretapping – but learning what you can from what’s in the open.   In the case of eBay and/or Amazon, you’ll be surprised by what you can see and learn from their listings.

So what are some of those things?

Well, product selection for one.  What products and brands are your competitors selling?

Are they offering free shipping and/or expedited shipping?

Are they carrying complimentary products or bundling products together?

What keywords are they using in their titles and descriptions

If they are selling the same product as you, are they pushing different features or benefits or uses for the product?

On Amazon, are they merchant fulfilling or using FBA?

Is there anything in their descriptions that you are not using but you could use.

How about pricing?  Are they selling for less than you or more?  If they are getting more, what are they doing differently than you are to justify the higher price?

Do you see any weaknesses that you can exploit?

After looking at their listings, also look at their store.  Try and get a feel for what products they are selling that you might be able to source and sell to expand your line.

Do these things and you will be amazed at what you can and will learn and how it can help your sales.


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