How to Effectively Manage Your Advertising Budget

Today’s Post is a guest post by
Doron Gez from Bannerplay.  Bannerplay is an advertising app for your eBay listings.

How to Effectively Manage Your Advertising Budget
By Doron Gez  of Banner Play

The online advertising world is exploding. There are many competing offers out there, trying to win the heart and budget of the average small business owner: keyword advertising, SEO, display advertising, social media advertising, email marketing, affiliates – as a small online seller, which are the best methods for your business?

Google are dictating the rules of word based advertising and SEO. That is, no doubt, one of the strongest means of advertising now which almost every business uses. The main problem there for any advertiser, is that Google are in a strong enough position to reinvent the rules of the game as they go along, causing unimaginable damage to businesses like yours, large and small, including eBay itself. Did you just spend thousands of dollars and months of optimization on tweaking you organic and paid SEO to ensure top ranking? Google is telling you with their constant changes is “oh Well tough, sorry, you are just going to spend another pile of dollars (and a lot of time) to ensure you’re still at the top”.

This constant shift in word based advertising is just unacceptable, expensive and complicated.  Businesses cannot succumb to the literally abusive and constantly changing market rules. Advertisers require reliable, stable, and proven services and partners.  For twenty years, display advertising has delivered the right set of benefits:

Targeted display advertising using strong ad networks, delivers a much more alluring and eye capturing advertising experience and is based on stable network rules – not on the megalomaniac reflexes of a one company. Display advertising works because targeted visual advertising works. Visual content gets clicked and noticed a lot more than text based one, almost 90% more.

It is a known fact that brand awareness and sales go hand in hand. Despite being doubted as a helpful sales tool, the bottom line doesn’t lie: Banner ads drive search traffic and conversions:  27% of people who see banner ads perform search right after they see the ad, and including video in your ad can improve brand awareness by 63%. Click numbers are pretty impressive too: 58% of people ages 15-24 click on banner ads, and 71% of post graduates have clicked banner ads. The audience is driven by visual display – with today’s information overload, they don’t have time to read and they are captured by alluring pictures.

That’s why we created the Bannerplay advertising apps – to provide end-to-end display advertising service that helps sellers funnel more traffic into their online shop. We have a dedicated advertising app, designed specifically for eBay sellers on eBay applications. To create both brand awareness as well as actual traffic, eBay users can create Geo and keywords targeted campaigns to direct their audience on both external web sites and mobile devices, to their online shops. Bannerplay campaigns allow retargeting to make sure potential clients which have not completed purchase in your site originally, get to be reminded of your service and/or product until they complete purchase. In addition, the service offers vetted and stable ad network to funnel quality and targeted traffic to ensure highest conversion rates.

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