Tools to Help You Become More Successful on eBay and Amazon

Online ToolsToday’s post is a guest post by Appah Prince

We’ve put together this handy list of Amazon and eBay seller tools which can help you sell more.

Inventory Management Software

Tools like Veeqo Inventory management Software  can help you manage your inventory and orders far more efficiently. They can ensure that your products are synced across channels so that you don’t have to do it manually – this means that your stock will be updated so that if something sells out on Amazon, it will be updated in eBay. They can also save you time by automatically printing shipping labels, and you can set reorder levels so you’re never out of stock – which means you won’t be disappointing your customers. 

Turbo Lister

This desktop app lets you create listings when you’re not connected to the internet, then upload them in bulk later when you’re online. It’s free and helps you create listings with its design editor and templates, and also save and re-use old listings. 

Selling Manager

This is another eBay seller tool; it assists in managing your sales, especially if you’re a high volume retailer. Schedule listings to go live at a later date, track your active listings, manage post sales activities like feedback and payments, download your sales records and more. It’s free and integrated into eBay.

File Exchange

Upload your item listings via CSV file or from Excel, create and list items in bulk, download active sales and sales history reports. Add, revise, re-list, and end a listing or update the status and leave feedback for a listing all in a single file. This is one of the most essential ebay tools, is free for qualified sellers, and is already integrated into eBay. 

FBA Calculator

This tool allows you to see what your Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) fees would be. You can research products to sell and the FBA calculator will show you the costs associated with the FBA program compared to handling the fulfillment process yourself. This saves you time and effort as calculating fees can be time consuming and complicated. It also gives the most accurate calculation of fees as it is an Amazon integrated feature.


This tool lets you upload your listing onto Amazon and eBay simultaneously. If you run out of stock in Vendio, it immediately ends your eBay listing so there’s no danger of getting an order for something you no longer have. 

Feedback Five

This Amazon tool focuses on feedback management. It automatically emails your buyer network requesting feedback, and also lets you review any negative and neutral feedbacks received, monitor trends, and request removal of negative feedback, so you can ensure your ratings are consistently good, driving more customers to your Amazon store. 

Seller Magic

Item search, price checking, and inventory uploading/downloading, all in a user friendly desktop environment. The automatic re-pricing engine can adjust your price up and down according to your market position and the customized re-pricing rule allows you to verify and manually adjust prices before uploading to Amazon.

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