Five Un-missable Tips for Effective eBay Store Design

Today’s post is a guest post by Sam Butterworth who designs eBay store templates. The 90 million strong eBay community buys more than $1,400 worth of goods every single second, which is more than enough to transform a profitable pastime into a full time business. In such a crowded marketplace though, it’s essential that your eBay store stand out from the crowd. Effective design is one method of adding value to your eBay store and helping prospective buyers differentiate the good from the bad.

Great design has an important part to play in developing a brand. The better your brand, the less price-sensitive your customers will become. The result is higher margins and a more professional storefront. So, if you’re thinking about designing your own eBay store, here are five un-missable tips to keep in mind.

1) Don’t run before you can walk

There’s no point creating an all-singing, all-dancing eBay storefront if your design is fundamentally flawed. The key is to get the basics right and lay solid foundations you can build upon.

Customers should be able to find their way around your store intuitively, without having to actively think about how to move from page to page. Create a clear navigational structure, make sure there are no broken links, and explain every step of the process in clear, simple language.

2) Dare to be different

eBay allows sellers to create up to 15 customized pages, so make the most of this opportunity and dare to be different. Creating a brand is all about telling a story and uniquely positioning your products in the minds of your customers.

Once you’ve decided what you want to be, stick to your guns and be prepared to overcome the challenges this may bring. Most importantly, don’t be tempted to stray off course. Inconsistent design can spell disaster for your brand, so stay true to your message.

3) It’s more than a fancy logo

There’s much more to great design than a fancy logo. Your design should dictate everything from the type of font and the prominence of images, to the layout of your signage and banners.

Color and contrast have important parts to play. Can your customers read your text without straining their eyes? If the colour is uniform on your eBay store, consider differentiating between menus and sub-menus by changing the font size.

4) Less is more

In many cases, great design is more about what you leave out than what you put in. Over-cluttering your store with too many images or too much text can scare your customers away, or just bore them.

In terms of customer behavior, overly-cluttered websites have been proven to increase exit rates and reduce those all important conversions; basically, everything you want to avoid. People don’t like to make too many choices, so limit the options you offer on each page.

5) Product descriptions

A great product description is about more than just the words on the page. It is one of the most important features of an eBay store, alongside quality images, user reviews and delivery information. If you don’t effectively convey the product information customers need, they’ll simply go elsewhere.

In terms of your design, use bullet points wherever possible, and display images against a white background, preferably with the product taking up at least 80 percent of the image.

If you are struggling with your eBay store design and could use a little help, there are plenty of custom-built templates out there to help you create a user-friendly, standout store. This isn’t rocket science but eBay success does benefit from some thoughtful design, so have a think about the tips above and feel free to share your own in the comments section.

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