Amazon & eBay’s Image Guidelines giving you sleepless nights? There is a solution!

Today’s post is a guest post by Lewis Bezinna.  Lewis  is the Founder of, Image Editing Specialists in providing Background Removal service for Amazon and eBay sellers. You can find out more at:

In recent times, having fantastic looking e-commerce photos has become paramount to success for online retailers. There exist all sorts of impressive statistics that show how important it is to have clean, simple and professional looking product photos. This applies to all online retailers whether you sell on your own website or on one of the many online Marketplaces that exist today.
But what anyone new to selling on Amazon and eBay may not know is that your product photos also need to meet certain Marketplace Guidelines. Fall foul of Amazon’s strict Image Guidelines and you could easily see your listings, and even your account, suspended!

Are you one of the many people who struggle to keep up to date with Amazon’s Photo Requirements? Do you spend hour after hour learning how to use Photoshop, trying to remove backgrounds of images and wasting all your valuable time in doing so? There is a simple and cost effective solution… outsourcing!

The rise of online marketplaces has been matched by all manner of online tools and services designed to assist online sellers. One of those services is Online Image Editing. Such companies specialize in optimizing digital images for any kind of e-commerce platform. This basically entails removing the background from an image and replacing with a pure white background. Recognizing the potentially huge demand from Amazon and eBay sellers, the majority of these Editing companies have familiarized themselves with Amazon and eBay’s Photo Guidelines and now offer an ‘Amazon & eBay compliant’ Editing service!

What does this mean for Amazon and eBay sellers? It means no more sleepless nights worrying about their product photos! Sellers can simply log on to their preferred Editing site, and in just a few clicks, select the marketplace Guidelines their images must meet, upload their images and then sit back and wait for their edited images to be returned to them. Not only does this free up their valuable time to do other things, it also provides them with professional looking photo’s which will in turn lead to increased sales! The majority of these companies offer a FREE TRIAL so the client gets a chance to see the quality of the editing and how the process works.

Most online editors will ask to see your images first and then quote you a price according to the level of difficulty in carrying out the work. They use what is referred to as a Price Complexity Scale. So whilst the prices quoted on the first page of their website may seem really great value, more often than not, your price per image has suddenly ballooned after they have inspected your photos!


We prefer to charge our clients one price per image regardless of how difficult it is to edit. That way, the client always knows right from the start how much it is going to cost them and how long it is going take. The process is very quick. Register an account in seconds, select the eBay & Amazon service and upload your files. It’s as simple as that! We do the rest. As soon as your files are ready we email you a link for you to download your amazing new images.

Take this example of a recent image we edited. The photo has been taken in a poorly lit area and as a consequence looks dull and unappealing. After removing the background and brightening up the image we now have a simple and beautiful image that will sell sell sell!

There are many Amazon and eBay sellers already currently using such online editing tools and services. So don’t let the competition get a head-start on you, start looking into outsourcing you’re editing… today!

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