What Have We Learned From Analyzing 232,870,994 Items Sold On eBay?

This is a guest post by Elad Darmon of www.What-To-Sell.com.

What Sells on eBayHave you ever tried to find the top selling items on eBay? Well – we’ve got plenty of data to help you with that, using this unique infographic about “The Science Behind the Best Items to Sell on eBay”.  Here is a link to the infographic.

After analyzing 232,870,994 sold items in the last 30 days (YES, that’s over 232 million…), from 4 eBay marketplaces – it is time to share this data with you, and although the top selling items on eBay may not necessarily be the best path to go when building your eBay business – these are a few of the trends we discovered.

Most Converting Categories on eBay

For starters, the categories with the highest sell through rates are a real surprise:

  • 87.66%- Diabetic Test Strips
  • 82.13%- Fitness Activity Trackers
  • 81.22%- Apple Laptops
  • 80.46%- Video Game Consoles

With a respectable supply to sell, maybe diabetic test strips are a good choice for potential sellers. Clearly electronics are also a good option since they fill three of the top four slots.

On the other hand, these categories had the lowest sell through rates:

  • 3.41%- Diamond engagement rings
  • 3.43%- Adult T-shirts
  • 4.13%- Art posters and prints
  • 4.38%- Bridesmaids dresses

Selling diamond rings in an online auction may seem like a good way to turn a large profit. With a sell through rate that low it may never sell, and no sale means no profit.

4 eBay Marketplaces, 4 Different Paths

Each nation has its own separate marketplace on eBay. We found that each marketplace buys items at a different rate, and at different prices.
Note: all prices have been converted to USD for convenient comparisons.

Nation Items Sold In Last 30 Days Average Price Of Sold Items New Item Sell Rate Used Item Sell Rate
US 129 Million $81.90 56.3% 39.8%
UK 53 Million $121.40 53.2% 45.5%
Germany 41 Million $75.20 45.5% 52.8%
Australia 8 Million $75.60 62.9% 33.2%

The US has the highest total number of items sold per month, but that could also lead to more competition for sales. We found that the UK actually pays more per item, making it a better place to sell when aiming for higher value and lesser quantity of sales. eBay Germany is also the best place to sell used items, since their marketplace is the only one with a higher used item sell rate.

eBay – International Bridge for Buyers and Sellers

There are 10’s of millions of sales every month – so why not sell on all of eBay’s sites? If you can ship internationally, join the party and increase your eBay sales!

As opposed to Amazon – eBay is a marketplace that purely connects sellers with buyers, so there is a lot of room for used items on eBay, especially in Germany, where most of sold items are used…
Which category sells well or sells poorly also changes drastically from nation to nation:

Nation Category With Most Sold Items Items Sold Category With Most Unsold Items Unsold Items
USA Necklaces & Pendants 2,035,152 Music CDs 4,595,944
UK Clothing- Women’s Dresses 1,109,852 Mobile Phone Cases & Covers 7,128,580
Germany PC & Console Video Games 991,384 Mobile Phone Cases & Covers 4,323,690
Australia DVD & Blu Ray Discs 262,300 Non-Fiction Books 3,749,279

Clearly Germany and the UK have more phone cases than they need and are not a good place to sell such items. It’s also fascinating that jewelry was selling well in the US leading up to Mother’s Day- perhaps that was a one month trend to circle on next year’s calendar?

This is just a taste. We can provide plenty of other insights into eBay marketplaces.

If you’d like to know more, feel free to visit our source: www.What-To-Sell.com.


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