The Customer is Not Always Right

The customer is NOT always right

We have all heard the term:  The Customer is Always Right.  Well, I disagree!

I don’t know about you –but I work very hard and am constantly busy.  The last thing I have time for is an irrational customer, or one with unrealistic demands wasting my time.  Does that mean I am dismissive of my customers?  No.  In fact, I work hard to under-promise and over-deliver on products and services and to keep every customer happy.  But, let’s face it –there are some real jerks out there.

Consider a few things:

  • Who knows your product or service best?

You do.   There are times when a customer thinks they know more than you do, and know best, how you should run your business.

  • Your time is important too

Fortunately, completely unreasonable are not that common, but they do exist.  My motto is “Forgive them and move on.”  Wasting your time with an obviously unreasonable person just wastes you time and can make you unhappy.  Why bother?

  • You work better when you are happy

Unreasonable customers can increase stress and make you unhappy.  This will affect your work and how you react to others.

  • Why I forgive people

It doesn’t matter if someone cut you off in traffic, left you an unfair negative feedback, or sent you a hateful email.  We all tend to internalize the feelings and can’t get it out of our minds.  The first thing I do before going to bed is think about all the people who were mean or just unreasonable and say out loud: “I forgive you.”  You will be amazed how quickly you feel better when you do that.  For one thing it puts the power back in your hands.

Forgiving someone can transform anger and hurt into peacefulness. Forgiveness will help you overcome any depression, anxiety, or rage.  Make a conscious decision to let go of a grudge and you will instantly feel better.


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