AMAZON Sellers – Beware New Seller Scams

beware of new seller scams

There are several new  scams aimed at Amazon Sellers.  One of the most popular is a spoof email  claiming your account has been suspended or blocked.  NOTE:  This notice can come by email or telephone.  When a spammer phones they will tell you they are sending special codes you need to use to log in.  By email, there will be a link to click.  DO NOT  REPLY OR TAKE THE ACTIONS THEY SUGGEST UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

REMEMBER – Amazon will NEVER contact you in any way with a request for your log-in information.  If you get a communication from Amazon you are concerned about – just log into Seller Central directly (Do not use any links in emails to do this) and open a support ticket asking if the communication from Amazon was real.

This post is specifically about Amazon, but beware – similar things are happening from PayPal scammers as well – including fake phone calls


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