eBay Sellers – Is It Time to Try Amazon?

My wife and I started selling on eBay in 1999.  We started making money and never looked back –until recently.

If you have followed my newsletter, then you know I think eBay has become the most poorly managed eCommerce companies in the marketplace.  About 10 years ago (2006) we added Amazon to our sales channel. Frankly, we did not do very well at first.  We found it took a while to get the hang of Amazon –and since we were still shipping goods individually to customers (just like eBay), there was no big advantage.

Then Amazon introduced FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon.  Under FBA, we shipped our goods to Amazon and they handled the fulfillment and customer service.  This was a boon for us –and as we added products to our FBA inventory, we saw our sales steadily increase.  Yes –we made a little less money selling on Amazon FBA, vs. selling on eBay –but the dramatically increased volume made up for it.

Soon we were selling as many as eight to ten items on Amazon as we were on eBay.  Even with the somewhat lower margins, we were soon making more total dollars overall.  Shortly after that I wrote eBay to Amazon

Now I want to be honest with you.  It has been a few years since I wrote eBay to Amazon—but I keep it up to date in 2 ways

  1. If something changes – I blog about it
  2. When you buy the book you get a ton of special reports I have written to update the book and I add to these all the time.

Here is a link to read about eBay to Amazon

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  1. I almost always *try* Amazon before I sell on EBAY. It used to be easy, and fast to sell there. But more and more, I’m not *allowed* to sell my item. Recently I tried to sell some new boots. I was told “submit an invoice to a wholesaler to prove you bought signidficant inventory for this product and if we approve it, THEN you can sell these”.

    Other times I’m just flat out told “No, only the manufacturer can sell these”.

    On EBAY, even though they have their own issues, at least I can sell without these obstacles.

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