Reader Questions Will Now Be Answered in this Blog

I get a lot of general knowledge questions in email from my readers.  It has occurred to me that if one reader has a question, then others may be needing the same information.  So, going forward when I get a question that I think may have broad interest I will address it in the blog.

I will continue to answer obvious private questions directly (Such as questions about orders) and anything where I think the subject is just to narrow.

So if you send me an email and don’t get a direct answer, please check the blog to see if I answered your question there.



  1. I just started selling T-shirts on Amazon and have my tax Id set up. If I want to sell on Etsy with another business do I have to get a separate tax ID for this also?

    1. Author

      No – You only need one Tax ID per business –not platform

  2. Hi There
    Thanks for your help .
    If amazon close some of your main selling shops but not all Your country shops, and you send many time letters to everyone to get answer and on one give you reason,even manager director what you will do.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards

  3. Is it still profitable to do Amazon with just Retail and Online arbitrage? With all the restrictions on so many products.

    It would just be me doing this alone – I would be starting with low finances and try to build up as I go.

    I would love to get into Amazon if I could be profitable with retail and online arbitrage.
    Wholesale and private Lable seems to involved to me and cost more to start.

    If so, would your (Ebay to Amazon) be a good course for me?

    1. Author

      Retail and online arbitrage can still be profitable but much harder today with all the brand restrictions today. Ryan Reger (Look up on FB) is the expert on that

  4. I am trying to find someone that deals on the internet in the Okanagan ( Kelowna) area.
    Can you help me ???

    1. Author

      Sorry – I don’t know anyone

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