Turn Your Customers into Brand Ambassadors

ways to turn your customers into brand ambassadors

Social media has changed everything, including how we run our businesses. Gone are the days when customers are willing to wait for a response or be put on hold. Today, customers expect instant responses.

Don’t be afraid of change! Use online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. to your advantage by spreading a positive brand reputation. How? One way is by connecting with happy customers and properly answering their questions and addressing any negative comments or reviews.

What is common about Starbucks, Apple, and Samsung? All of them are brands that have a loyal group of customers who willingly recommends them to family and friends. These recommendations drive sales. According to Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey, ninety-two percent of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising.

A brand ambassador is indeed the most powerful sales driver.

But who are brand ambassadors? They are people who love a product and willingly recommend it to others.

Here are ways to turn your customers into brand ambassadors:

  1. Look for your loyal customers

There are people who simply love your brand but aren’t actively talking or recommending them to others. Find the ones who are discussing your brand and engage others in what they have shared. Ask them to give testimonials or photos of them using your products. It’ll make others want to buy your products when they see your brand ambassadors’ passion for your products.

  1. Pay Attention

Through social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.), it has become easier to find what people are saying about you. Listen to those conversations to find out if they love your brand. If they do, then you have your brand ambassadors. Converse with them to let them know that you know and use their comments to further improve your brand.

  1. Make them feel special

People would appreciate you more if they know that you value their support. Give freebies, special previews or even a personal test of your new products. Treat your brand ambassadors as though they are valued members of your company.

  1. “Thank you!”

The simple act of gratitude goes a long way. How?  Giving samples and discounts are just some ways to show your thanks. Knowing they’re appreciated makes them appreciate you and your brand more! A personal “Thank you” note would be another way to make them happy.

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