Use Amazon Reports to Increase Profits

Use Amazon Reports to Increase Profits

There are dozens of Amazon reports.  I just don’t have the room here to cover and explain each one.  But –understanding and using them can really boost your business.

If you look at the top of your seller central page:  Look at the different types of reports – Payments, Amazon Selling Coach – Business Reports — Fulfillment – Advertising – Return – Tax document Library Reports.

Lets overview each of these:


The Payments Report us in 5 parts:

1. Statement view – shows your current and historical payments broken down by type:

2.  Transaction view – shows each individual transaction

3. All Statements is merely a summary of past statements

4.  Date Range Reports –  This is a very important report that downloads in Excel and shows every derail of every transaction.  I pull one of these each month so I can see what my true costs are and which products are making money and which are not.  One of the things I do is add a product cost &  profit/loss column at the end of each line and use the Excel Data Sort feature to find my most (and least) profitable products then order more of those.

5.  Lending reports –  These show the balance and past performance of any Amazon loans you have used (if any)

6.  Advertising invoice history – shows what you have been spending on advertising.

The next category is Amazon Selling Coach –  These reports (also available near the top of your Seller Central page) give you advice on pricing changes and products to restock

Business Reports


You should take the time to explore these in detail because they break down your sales and page traffic



Next important are your fulfillment Reports.  These are extremely important because this is how and where you control your inventory.  Please take the time to explore each of these in detail and they will be pretty self-explanatory (Note:  This report list appears on the far left of the page):



As I said, click on each of these and study them in detail.




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