Buy and Re-sell Books on Amazon for Nice profits

Retail Arbitrage

If you have been following me for a while, you know I am not a fan of retail arbitrage.  Although it can be very profitable, I just don’t have the time to go from store to store looking for deals.   But there is one exception.

Did you know you can buy books cheaply on Amazon and turn around and sell them quickly for a nice profit?  The system is Zen Arbitrage.

Best of all, Zen Arbitrage is a completely automated system that does all the searching for you.  This means very little work on your part.

1.   Zen Arbitrage finds cheap books with low (or no) FBA competition.  Resell via FBA

2.  Relist at your higher Fulfillment by Amazon price.

3.  Profit the difference

When you visit Zen Arbitrage, be sure and watch the short Demo Video that shows both how easy this is and how you can make over $100 with just a few minute’s work.


  1. Been doing it for years with a certain line of out of print books buy low and sell for nice profit.many times buy on Amazon and resell on eBay or other way

    1. Author

      Everything I have heard about Zen Arbitrage has been good so far

  2. This article has confirmed my recent signing with Zen Arbitrage. I’m glad to know I made the right decision.I have already sent books in with a nice potential profit.

  3. I have been using Zen Arbitrage for a few months and yes, it really works. You still have to a bit of searching, but there is good money to be made. I can vouch for all of Peter Valley’s products.

  4. But wow, $79 a month? Can you really make enough to justify that cost?

    1. Author

      I think you are confusing me with someone else. My book on selling used books is a one-time cost of $17.00

      1. Hi Skip.
        I think Kim was referring to the price of the system, $79 per month.
        Does this system works only in the States or any other Amazon?

        1. Author

          I am pretty sure its Amazon US only.

    2. Author

      Kim – Sorry I misunderstood your question the first time. I thought you were asking about my book.

      I was also skeptical at first but I saw the proof before recommending to my readers. I spoke with one fellow who uses it to make around $3000 a month and that is on top of his regular used book business where he clears another $4000.

  5. Thanks so much Skip! I appreciate your writings and all the info you share.

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