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Wholesale Resources

I have just finished uploading our FREE Wholesale Search Engine on  Finding reliable wholesale sources for eBay, Amazon and website sellers can be a major challenge.  I have been researching wholesale sources for over 19 years:

My source criteria are as follows:

  • They are happy to work with small online sellers (eBay, Amazon, Website, etc.)
  • They sell in small quantities such as case lots of 12/24/36 each.  (You do not have to buy pallets or truckloads).

I have been compiling these sources for years and am now sharing them with my readers for free.  Just look on my website at www. in the navigation bar under the term “Wholesale Sourcing”.

Before you dive into the individual sources –please take the time to read the introduction on the main page


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  1. Thank you for the terrific amount of free and such helpful information you give…I really do appreciate it soo much.

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