More Big Changes Coming to eBay

Changes will include another re-design of Seller Hub, and eBay will soon start displaying off-eBay “web-based” prices of products (low, mid, high), and it will display prices for the top 5 comparable products on eBay (taking into account sellers’ policies). The new program called Multiple Top Pick (MTP) is launching to a limited audience starting this week with a full rollout next year.

eBay will also set up a mechanism to inform sellers in real time if their product prices aren’t comparable to other prices (on or off eBay), and give sellers the ability to either have eBay adjust the price for them, or reduce prices themselves in bulk by a set percentage relative to the prices eBay found.

Read the full story at eCommerceBytes here.


  1. Ebay is ignorant of MAP pricing (minimum advertised price) where manufacturers will stop selling to you if you undersell MAP. And at times the price they recommend is lower than the product’s wholesale price. Ignorance is not bliss for sellers. Ebay should keep its nose out of business they don’t understand.

  2. Skip,
    It is really nice to see you have considered viewing your blog on mobile devices. The format is great!

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