Why We Chose to Leave eBay

I have had several emails and posts claiming the reason we left eBay had to do with the open letter published from an eBay seller.  This was NOT the case.  I will admit there were factors in that letter that went into the decision, but our reasons had more to do with needing to cut back on our workload.  And when we looked at the choice, Amazon just put more money into our pocket when we compared the sites.

If you sell used and/or vintage products then eBay still may be a better choice.  But since our sales are nearly 98% new products –then Amazon is working out better for us.

As for eBay, they have been beset with a series of really bad CEOs, and we can only hope they will eventually find a good one who will reassess and fix the many problems –or perhaps a better-managed company will just buy eBay outright.

If you do sell used and/or vintage (or handmade) products you may want to take a look at Etsy.com.  They have issues and problems also –but no where as bad as eBay’s.


  1. Anyone who has sold on eBay for any length of time understands why you left. IMO you don’t owe any explanations. I wish a bunch of sellers would get together and file a class-action suit to force them to be more fair with us. They seem to have forgotten that they need both buyers and sellers to prosper themselves.

  2. Hi Skip,

    Thanks for this info.

    Maybe eBay should appoint Jack Ma of Alibaba as their new CEO – after all, he outwitted and subsequently bought them out in China.

    Many thanks for all the info.


    1. Author

      I have heard a rumor that Jack Ma of Alibaba is interested in buying eBay (But as I said –its just a rumor for now)

  3. Ebay is getting worse. I switched my payment processing to them, saw a drop in sales and more people not following through with the payment.
    They gave me a survey, told them what was happening. And then soon afterwards, my impressions went up which I have to assume ebay is trying to help me. They better! Going from only Paypal to now only credit card is a big change! I had 1 customer complain to me about the change.

  4. Agree with those who made comments on the post. I called in to put my complaints on record. They have forgotten about the sellers and without us, ebay is not a business.

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