Amazon to provide More visibility into policy violations that may affect your account health

Amazon recently added product condition complaints to the Account Health section of Seller Central. View your Account Health to see any actions we’ve taken that may affect your ability to sell, the reasons for those actions, and next steps to resume selling.

You can view your Account Health in Seller Central by clicking on the Performance tab

In other news about Amazon

Amazon has increased their unplanned service fees.

When you follow Fulfillment by Amazon’s shipping guidelines and ensure that your suppliers and carriers also follow them, Amazon can efficiently and accurately unload, receive, and store your inventory at the fulfillment center.

When there are problems receiving inventory, we may perform unplanned services to accurately process products, at your cost.

Starting today, Amazon will provide a fee preview mode for six additional safety-related unplanned services.

The fee preview for unplanned services only displays if there have been problems with your inventory shipments.

Amazon will soon begin charging fees for these additional unplanned services. We will notify you at least one month before the fees go into effect.

To see specific shipment issues and the new unplanned service fees that may apply in the future, go to your Shipping Queue or see the Fee Type column in the Inbound Performance report.

For more information, see Inbound performance summary and Unplanned services.

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