I am Reducing Prices On All of My Training Courses

Reduced Prices

One of the sad truths about my business is that my sales go up when the economy is bad.

However, the economy has been so good for the past year that my sales have fallen.  So, I have decided to reduce the price of my training manuals.

Here are the old and new prices of my various books

The Complete Amazon Marketing System (which includes the Wholesale Buying System)  Old Price – $247.00.   NEW PRICE – $197

Wholesale Buying System for eBay & Amazon Sellers (Standalone) Old Price $47. – NEW PRICE $39.00

eBay to Amazon Old Price $47 – NEW PRICE $37.00

How to Sell Used Books on eBay, Amazon and the Internet – Old Price $27.00. – NEW PRICE $17.00

How to Make Money with The Amazon Affiliate Program.  Old Price $27 – NEW PRICE $17

The Amazon Profit Booster, Three Books to Help You Increase Your Amazon Profits.  Old Price $17.00  – NEW PRICE $12.97

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