Letter Holds the Key to Getting eBay’s Mojo Back


Letter from a buyer could hold key to eBay’s recovery

A letter from an eBay buyer to a seller about his eBay purchase is making the Internet verklempt and may hold the key to helping eBay get its mojo back.  This letter has gone viral to thousands of eBay members.
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  1. I am an American & consider myself well educated with a good command of the English language, but would like to have a definition of “verklempt” & “mojo” as used in this “post” Yours truly Gordon Geasland

    1. Author

      Verklempt adjectiveinformal•North American
      adjective: verklempt

      Mojo – overcome with emotion.
      “she was all verklempt earlier this week over her latest split from her husband”
      a magic charm, talisman, or spell.
      “someone must have their mojo working over at the record company”
      magic power.

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