Price Lowered $30 on Complete Amazon Marketing System

  • Are you thinking about selling on Amazon, but don’t know how?
  •  Do you want to sell online, but aren’t sure where to start?
  •  Do you sell on eBay now and are wondering about making the move to Amazon? 

The Complete Amazon Marketing System

Whether you want to start a full-time business, or just make a little extra money, this course is for you. As our business grew, we took notes. We noticed what worked and what didn’t. We found the tools, the information and gained the know-how to successfully sell on Amazon. Now we’re sharing what we’ve learned.

Unlike many information sellers who write books, but never do anything –we actually sell on Amazon every day. The Complete Amazon System is nothing more than us showing you what works and how to do it.

The Complete Amazon Marketing System is a two-volume printed training manual over 350 pages long mailed to you the same day you purchase.  My course also includes several training videos and 19 excellent bonus items – many just updated or published this year

My wife and I began selling on eBay in 1999. In 2006 we started selling on Amazon, and in 2010 we moved full-time into Amazon’s FBA program.

FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon. Unlike eBay sellers, or Amazon merchant sellers, who have to ship all their products when they sell, FBA sellers ship their products in bulk to Amazon. When the item sells, Amazon ships it to the customer and handles all the communications, tracking, customer service and they even handle the returns.

I recently lowered the price by $30.  Click here to read about the whole course.

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