Amazon 3rd Party Sellers Did very well in 2018

I am often asked if Amazon is too crowded, or if the opportunity is over.  That is clearly not the case.  Look at these numbers:

Last year, small- and medium-sized businesses selling on Amazon (that’s us folks)  were responsible for creating  more than 900,000 jobs worldwide. Nearly 200,000 sellers exceeded $100,000/year in sales, and more than 50,000 exceeded $500,000/year.  The number of small and medium-sized businesses eclipsing $1 million in sales in Amazon’s stores worldwide grew by 20 percent in 2018.

Nick Denissen, Vice President for Amazon said. “Since we opened our shelves to third-party sellers in 2001, small and medium-sized businesses have been an integral part of Amazon’s DNA.”  Third party sales by sellers like you and me now account for more sales than Amazon’s own direct sales.

I know Amazon can appear highly competitive at times, but I have been selling on Amazon since 2006 (20-years) and my sales have increased each year except one, 2008 the year of the big recession.  Even that year we made a decent profit but it was much lower than the previous year.

Amazon also reported that during the 2018 holiday season, Amazon  sales by small and medium-sized businesses outpaced its own retail business sales in Amazon’s stores worldwide.


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