Amazon Publishes Video Series To Help Sellers

How would you like to get advice from some of the top entrepreneurs in the world?  Well, Amazon has just published a series of short videos that does that.  Each approximately 2-minute video is billed as a Two-minute mentorship and they deliver.

The videos cover a variety of topics that sellers will find very helpful.  A few of the featured entrepreneurs include:

  • Mark Cuban from Shark Tank.
  • Arianna Huffiington (founder of The Huffington Post – now owned by AOL).
  • Tim Ferris (Author of The 4-hour Work Week).
  • Amy Cuddy (Harvard lecturer and author of Presence).
  • Angela Duckworth ( University of Penn Professor and author of Grit).
  • Plus six more.

I watched the entire series (takes less than 20 minutes) and found it full of good ideas that I can use in my business and many of the videos were very inspirational as well.  Click here to see the entire series.


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