Wholesale Sources for Amazon & eBay Sellers

wholesale sources

Many wholesaler sources do not want the general public to see their wholesale pricing.  Therefore, they will often send you to a retail site or a website with no pricing.  When you see that, do two things:  First, look for a link to register for a wholesale account.  Second, if you don’t see that, use their Contact Us form to request wholesale Information.

Kraft Klub Inc. wholesales decorative and functional home and garden décor items to the trade. Items include a wide range of styles and finishes; from colorful enamel to rustic and gray zinc, and are great for a wide variety of décor needs.

Lizzy James Designs Inc sells a line of jewelry handmade in San Diego, CA, Pieces include including wrap bracelets that can be worn as a necklace.

TLC Designs wholesales handmade accessories from a remote village on the island of Bali

Van Roehling Sauces & Rubs sells a delectable blend of German heritage and Texas spices to give you a zesty flavor of authentic, home-style sauces, rubs, candied jalapeños, and salsas.

Hanna’s Candle Company makes a line of scented candles and home fragrance products that are affordable and relevant to today’s home decor colors and design.

DaVinci Jewelry offers two completely different looks, which gives the wearer more versatility in her wardrobe and a savings.  It’s like having two pieces of jewelry in one.

Kalamazoo Candle Company sells a nice line Soy candles with natural scents that will fill a room without over powering it. Available in a variety of sizes and over 25 fragrances.

Living Textiles Company is a leading design house of modern home accessories and lifestyle bedding collections including nursery blankets and swaddles.

Creature Comforts wholesales a line of upscale gifts for dogs and cats. Products include hand painted ceramic dishes and treat jars, and all natural treats!

The LEM Company sells meat processing and jerky making equipment and supplies to the do-it-yourselfer hunter and home processor.

Jeremiah’s Pick Coffee Roasting Co. offers a large line of coffees teas and Accessories. Coffees include both organic and gourmet coffee.

Idaho Gifts Wholesale by Sandy lists gourmet and gift companies from Idaho.  Products feature huckleberry, dark chocolate, humorous products and more.

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