Why Multi-Channel Selling May be Necessary to Your Online Business Survival

The best solution is to sell on multiple platforms, so if you get kicked off of one you are not shut down.  There are dozens of small auction sites, but in all honesty, all of them combined do not equal eBay’s traffic and sales.  The best choices today are eBay, Amazon, Sears.com, Bonanza, Etsy and Rakuten (formerly Best Buy).  I have also heard some folks having good luck with Webstore.com, but I don’t have any personal experience with it.

Once you start selling in multiple channels your biggest challenge is inventory control.  I don’t know of any system that addresses all channels, but there are two you should look at:

  • Joelister will list your Amazon FBA products on eBay and coordinate your inventory so you don’t sell anything you don’t have.  They will also generate tracking to eBay as soon as Amazon posts it.
  • Another good system is www.automcf.com.   AutoMCF does not have the listing and inventory control features that Joelister does, but it supports more channels.  Basically, they do the auto-fulfillment and send tracking to the other channels. Here is a screenshot that shows all the channels AutoMCF supports.

Multi-Channel Selling

Now having said all this, one word of advice.  If you are a fairly new seller, take this slowly.  Master one platform at a time and then add other platforms as you go.  Don’t jump into several at once or you will be overwhelmed.

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  1. Thank you for this article. Very informative and helpful. I enjoy reading your newsletter.

    1. Author

      I can’t believe PayPal did this. It’s a really anti-customer stupid move on their part.

  2. I have had numerous bad experiences with Joelister and finally gave up. They did not reduce inventory in a timely manner when something sold causing me to sell items that were no longer in stock. They refused to take responsibility.

    1. Author

      Re: Joelister
      That is unlike my experience. I have had good service from them. Try Automcf.com instead

  3. Re:: PayPal no longer refunding fees – I’m surprised you didn’t mention the new policy PayPal sent out last week…they will no longer be refunding their 2.9% fee for refunds given to customers! This will be expensive for sellers who have return policies. What do you think of this Skip?

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