eBay Photos That Sell: Taking Great Product Shots for eBay, Amazon and Beyond

Photos that Sell

You have all heard the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Well on eBay and Amazon the right picture can be worth a thousand dollars.  eBay Photos That Sell: Taking Great Product Shots for eBay and Beyond by Dan Gookin was written for eBay sellers but his techniques apply to Amazon sellers as well.   This is a great basic book that will help you take better –more professional looking photos for your eBay and Amazon listings.

Anyone can sell their stuff online. The challenge is to do it better than the competition and get the best possible results, every time. If you’re attempting to sell your guitar on eBay, a photo of Aunt Pearl June strumming it in the backyard isn’t likely to cut it. Does that mean you need to hire a professional photographer or invest in expensive equipment? Not if you follow the ingenious advice in this book!

eBay Photos That Sell teaches home-spun entrepreneurs how to create professional-quality product photos using a smart phone or  standard digital camera and a few handy tricks and inexpensive techniques. With page after page of inspiring examples and expert insights, you’ll figure out how to capture everything from hats to wineglasses to MP3 players. You’ll understand what makes one photo better than another and discover how to create images that viewers connect with–ones that evoke the “I must have this” feeling. Ultimately, it will help you attract customers and make sales, without investing a lot of time or money.

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