5 Tips to Selling Branded Products on Amazon

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Amazon is big these days. The world has definitely made the shift or is making the shift to online shopping because of the wealth of choices it provides. The convenience of shopping online is unparalleled and with the sophistication of courier services getting your order on your doorstep is easy. The services that

Amazon provides and the trust they generate form users has gained traction over the years making Amazon the premier destination for online shopping. If you are a seller on Amazon you must know some digital marketing to help you stand out from the competitions so you can generate sales and dominate in your niche. You must be aware of Amazon selling statistics to know the type of demographic and customers you attract so you can create the type of digital marketing that will resonate with them.

There really is a good reason to sell on Amazon these days. Amazon accounted for 43% of all online sales in the US in 2016. This piece of data simply shows that Amazon is well trusted and is firmly entrenched as a giant in the online selling world.

1.     Keep everything in Order

You have to keep everything in order when you decide to sell on Amazon. Buying certain products from a supplier doesn’t necessarily give you the rights to sell it on Amazon. You need to get permission from the supplier or someone who has the authority to give you one. This is important because of copyright infringement. Not knowing copyrights clearly can result in account suspensions so you need to be careful with all the details pertaining to copyright. You should also make sure you have the permissions to use images and logos on your site on Amazon otherwise it may be taken down.

2. Choose Fulfillment by Amazon

The next step that you may have to decide on is fulfillment by Amazon or self-fulfillment. You can still get low postage rates using Amazon approved carriers with self-fulfillment. you have the ability to print out a pre-paid postage label from your Amazon account When a customer purchases an item from you.

An option that is better is Amazon FBA, or Fulfillment by Amazon. This is a service offered to sellers whereby Amazon warehouses your products, ships, and handles all customer service and returns on your behalf. This option is available to all sellers whether you’re on the individual or professional seller account plan. you will need to send the stock of your item to Amazon’s warehouse If you decide to use FBA services

3. Get tons of Reviews

You need to get a ton of reviews especially reviews that are positive. People tend to buy more of your products when they are seeing positive reviews rather than negative reviews. You need to get good reviews by being proactive and responding quickly to questions suggestions or problems. You should be able to give top-notch customer support and make sure to reply to negative reviews as well. When people see that you are providing replies and getting tons of reviews they will trust your site more and will opt to buy from you than anywhere else.

4. Use an Inventory Tool

Selling branded products on Amazon may seem easy at first but you can make the process even more efficient and effortless when you use a tool like Algopix. This tool helps you analyze your inventories and provide extremely useful data such as daily reports of the top 50 selling products on Amazon, product analysis, bulk analysis and more.  Algopix and similar tools like it also help you analyze market and shipping costs. They also show you inventory data for Amazon, eBay and Walmart sellers. You will be able to track 50 best-selling Amazon product list on a daily basis, as well as bulk analysis, competition analysis, marketplace insights, new marketing opportunities and more.

5. Use social media

If you’ve already set up a good site on Amazon with a polished description and great images you have to get everyone to see it. Promote your Amazon Listing on all your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You should provide a direct link to your products of course. Being popular is better and in connection to this, you can even run a website or a newsletter campaign on why your products are relevant to people’s lives and how it can offer solutions to common problems. Also try to review your stocks and see if they have high ASINs or Amazon Standard Identification Number. Products with high ranking ASINs are usually popular while low ASINs get lower sales or are not selling at all. You may have to review your stocks and choose items to discontinue selling.

Selling on Amazon is a rewarding enterprise because you get to reach people on a global scale. Choose products that resonate with people needs. Market your products in all available social media platforms to get farther reach and exposure for your shop


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