Complete Amazon Marketing System vs. FBA Stars

The Complete Amazon Marketing System

Complete Amazon Marketing System

Ever since I recommended the FBA Stars Training Program in this blog, I have received a ton of email from readers asking if I am still selling The Complete Amazon Marketing System.  The short answer to that question is yes, I am still selling The Complete Amazon Marketing System.

The other question I am frequently asked is: “Why am I recommending both programs?”

The first thing I want to say is that although I am very interested in selling my training materials, it has always been my policy to offer my readers other options.  The other issue is the difference in the products.  The FBA Stars training is entirely video-based, whereas  The Complete Amazon Marketing System, is a printed training manual that comes with over a dozen downloadable reports.

Over the years, I have learned that some of my readers prefer receiving a printed training manual, while others prefer the video approach provided by  FBA Stars.

You might ask “How do I update a printed book?”  Well, I do that in three ways.  The first way is through this  FREE blog which all buyers are subscribed to (There is an unsubscribe option included).  The second way is that I publish updated special reports available from the download page.  The third way is I publish twice-annual electronic updates.

I have thoroughly reviewed the FBA Stars training and it is excellent.  The videos are short, and to the point, and thoroughly cover all the important aspects of selling on Amazon FBA.  And, best of all, I recently negotiated a substantial, 60% discount for my readers that lasts through the month of April.

Here is a link to my latest blog post about the FBA Stars program.

Whichever one you choose, FBA Stars or my system,  The Complete Amazon Marketing System, I suggest you start today.   My wife and I have been selling on eBay since 1999 and Amazon since 2006.  I am in the process of removing my listings on eBay so we can concentrate on Amazon, where we make the most money.  Over the years we have made a generous and consistent amount of money on Amazon.  Amazon is much easier to do than eBay, and it’s very easy to learn.

Skip McGrath

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