Amazon Changing The Sellers Business Solutions Agreement


These changes will become effective  on August 16 2019

Amazon is making several changes to the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement. These changes will enter into effect in 30 days, i.e., August 16. The changes are based on feedback from sellers.

The key changes are summarized below:

  1. General Terms “Introduction”: we are clarifying seller contractual obligations by defining a discrete set of Program Policies.
  1. Section 3 “Term and Termination”: we are adding more specific information about account suspension and termination and we are providing for a right to appeal such actions in certain circumstances.
  1. Section 4 “License”: we are narrowing the scope of the limited license sellers give us to their intellectual property.
  1. Section 6 “Indemnification”: the obligation to indemnify will apply mutually to both parties.
  1. Section 15 “Modification”: we will provide advance notice when we modify the BSA, except where needed to protect customers.
  1. Section S-3.2 “A-to-z Guarantee”: we will provide an express right to appeal our A-to-z determinations.
  1. Section F-7 “Returns to You and Disposal”: we have revised the procedure for refusing, removing, or disposing of FBA inventory.
  1. ”Selling Partner API Terms”: we have streamlined the terms for our selling partner APIs, including Marketplace Web Services (MWS), distinguished the different terms that apply to sellers and developers, and clarified permissible uses of those APIs.

This list doesn’t include all of the changes, so please review the updated agreement carefully; a red-lined version is available here in English, Spanish, and Chinese. And if you have questions, please reach out to Selling Partner Support. Your continued use of selling services after August 16 constitutes your acceptance of the updated agreement.

As always, our goal is to help you and all our selling partners continue to succeed with Amazon and grow your businesses around the world. Thank you for being an Amazon Selling Partner.

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