How to Advertise and Increase Your Reach Beyond Amazon

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This is a guest post by Lidia Hovhan from who are data-driven marketing professionals.

You are right in choosing Amazon to sell your products at. It is the top ecommerce platform in the world. But with the thousands of online sellers using Amazon’s selling platform, how can you keep up? The only way you can do it is to continuously discover the secrets of using Amazon to sell your products. If you want to learn how to advertise and increase your reach beyond Amazon, consider the following tips.

Think Outside the Box of Amazon

You should not just rely on Amazon’s reach to increase your sales. There are other venues outside of Amazon that you can use to promote your products. Think about your market niche. Surely, there are forum and blog sites that are dedicated to your particular niche. If you will build a strong presence in these sites, you could easily drive up traffic to your product.

Aside from sending email to your subscribers regularly, posting relevant and fresh contents in these forums and blog sites will surely drive traffic to your website. Go ahead and create a content distribution plan to reach your targeted audience. You can also get the help of notable influencers in your market niche to promote your product. Publishing your products on print media can also help. Don’t just rely on paid advertisements. Use effective inbound marketing strategies and see your sales go up.

Increase Your Visibility

There are millions of products being sold on Amazon. Your products are just a few of them. Therefore, you really need to increase your products’ visibility if you want to attract the attention of your target audience.

An effective way of doing this is to optimize your product listing. Conduct thorough research on the exact keywords and phrases that most internet surfers use to search for your kind of products on Amazon. Then search again for non-competitive but high-performing keywords and phrases with various SEO tools like Majestic®, AHrefs, you can check Semrush review. This will show you the long-tailed keywords that can be used with the help of the Google Keyword Planner.

Long-tail keywords usually carry some specific words related to the products being searched for. This will allow you to get away from the most competitive keywords and narrow down the keywords to the specific words and phrases being used by consumers in searching for the products they want to buy in Amazon.

Get More Reviews and Add Them to Your Product Pages

Don’t think that you have all the product reviews that you need. It will never hurt your sales if you will get more reviews than you already have. Studies have shown that consumers buy only the products on Amazon that have the highest positive reviews.

The average person will experience difficulty when it comes to deciding which product to buy. When faced with such a situation, the first thing that will swing his decision is social proof. In other words, he will rely on the experience of others. Therefore, the more positive reviews you can include in your Amazon product pages, or other selling platforms for that matter, will result in increased sales.

Rewarding or incentivizing your existing customers in exchange for their positive reviews is an effective way of getting more of them. Perhaps you can give them gifts or tokens to encourage them to supply their reviews of the products that they are already using.

Positive reviews are even more effective if they are given in other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. This means other people who are looking for your products will also learn about the benefits of owning them. It goes to say that you can also increase traffic to your product by cultivating your social network for this purpose.

Target Amazon Prime Members

Consider this fact: approximately one-half of all households in the United States are Amazon Prime members. Only sellers who are qualified as FBA or Fulfilled By Amazon can offer their products to these members. In other words, if you can only improve your status to an FBA, you will have a greater reach on a greater number of consumers.

Additionally, Amazon Prime members who are looking for your products will choose you over your competitors if your products carry the FBA badge.

Distinguish Yourself

Your competitors are selling the same kind of products that you are selling. This makes selling difficult because you are targeting the same market niche. The only way you can overcome this situation is to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

How can you do this? You should design a unique advertising strategy of offering your products. Send email to your subscribers promoting this bundle of related products. Offer them at a certain discount or financing scheme. This will sweeten the deal for them. To help you with your email marketing feat, you may also check email tools and platforms such as MailChimp, ConvertKit.

Create a bundle of products that are totally different from your competitors and then add more positive reviews about them. These fresh configurations of products might be what some of your target audience is waiting for.

You can also attract consumers to your products by tacking an extra item for each. This strategy will make your products unique even if your competitors also carry the same products.



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