New Scams To Be Aware of


MOST of the new scams are aimed at your telephone –not the internet, although some of them use email.

Everyone is familiar with Robocalls –personally I get dozens a day.

The most common is from companies pretending to be Microsoft or Windows.  Basically they tell you to hit a series of buttons designed to completely screw up your computer making it unusable.  Then. in return for a fee of several hundred dollars, they offer to fix it.  This one has been around a few years.

More recent scams are recordings (and sometimes a real person) pretending to be from the IRS or the Social Security Administration (SSA).  The IRS scams complain that you owe money which you must pay immediately or risk going to jail, or having your assets and bank account frozen. The SSA scams come in two forms 1) They claim you were overpaid and similar to the IRS scam claim you must pay immediately –or they claim to owe you money –but to get it you must share your Social Security number and other information.  This is basically an information theft scam designed to drain your bank account or take other costly actions

FACT:  the IRS or the SS Administration will NEVER initiate a telephone call to you.  NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.  So, if you get such a call – just hang up.  Do not, under any circumstances, engage in conversions.  These people are highly trained at sucking you in and getting you talking.

These are pure scams –don’t fall for them

One last thing.

There is currently a bill working its way around the halls of Congress that would block all Robocalls.  The big telemarketing and telecommunications company lobbyists are donating millions of dollars to house members and senators to fight the bill.  So email or write your members of Congress supporting passage.  A ton of communications from folks like us (voters) can often offset lobbyist contributions.  And, if you happen to blog, be sure and do a post about it.

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