Simple Hacks To Boost Your eBay Profits


This is a guest post by Nicholas Rubright.

As you know I seldom cover eBay, but a lot of my Amazon readers still sell on eBay also.


As an eBay seller, you want to maximize the amount of money you make (to state the obvious). There are two basic ways you can do that. First, you can sell a higher volume of products at a lower profit margin. More volume equals more total profits, and so on.

The other method is to increase your overall profit margins on the items you sell. With higher profit margins, you rake in more money per sale than you would otherwise, increasing your overall profits.

In this article, we’re going to focus on the second method for making more money on eBay. Here are 9 hacks that will help you instantly boost your overall eBay profits.

Hack #1: Source Your Items With Discount Gift Cards

Normally, you would source the items you sell on eBay using a debit or credit card. But there’s a cheaper, more cost-efficient way to source your items, which then allows you to reap a higher profit margin.

Using a website like Raise or Card Cash, you can purchase gift cards at a discount. For example, you might be able to purchase a $100 Amazon gift card for $80, or a $50 Wayfair card for $30. You can these use these discounted gift cards to purchase the items you’re selling on eBay.

For example, you might see something on Amazon that costs $100 and you can sell for $150. By using the discounted gift card, you’re really only paying $80 for the item. Your profit margin increases from $50 to $70 simply by using the discounted gift card.

Using this technique, you can significantly raise your profit margin on individual items purchased with gift cards.

Hack #2: Leverage Credit Card Points When Buying From A Supplier

When going about your daily purchases, use a credit card that gives you points for every purchase. If you’re using your credit card consistently, these points will pile up relatively quickly, and these points can often be used to purchase things like gift cards

After you’ve accumulated a significant amount of points, purchase the gift cards and then use them to purchase products from suppliers.

Alternatively, you could use a card that offers cashback on every purchase. After you’ve accumulated a significant amount of cash back, apply it to purchases where you’re sourcing items to sell on eBay.

You’ll achieve a much higher profit on products purchased with points than you will on products purchased normally.

Hack #3: Use A Repricing Tool

A repricing tools like Reprice Express or the ones included with some dropshipping automation software automatically set and adjust the prices of your eBay listings based on a set of criteria you provide it.

For example, you can tell the tool to automatically lower the price of a product if a competitor tries to undercut you with a low price. Or to automatically increase the price of a product if a competitor is out of stock of a particular product.

These dynamic repricing strategies allow you to automatically act on an instant’s notice, adjusting the prices of your products for maximum profits.

Hack #4: Avoid Scams By Blocking Specific Buyers

Few things are more frustrating than getting scammed by a buyer. You send them the product and then there’s an issue with payment. The more you try to get your money, the more you realize that you’re never going to get it. It’s a terrible feeling.

The good news is that you can prevent specific users (and even entire regions) from purchasing from you. For example, if you know the username of someone who scammed you, you can block them from ever buying from you again (assuming you’ve already reported them to eBay, etc.).

Or, let’s say that there’s a scam that tends to originate from a specific country. eBay lets you block entire countries from purchasing from you. For a detailed guide on how to block specific buyers, read this article about how to block a buyer on eBay.

Hack #5: Purchase More Profitable Items

The simple truth is that some items are inherently more profitable than others. Maybe they’re rarer. Maybe there’s a random surge in demand thanks to a fad (fidget spinners anyone?). Whatever the case, your goal should be to sell the most profitable items out there.

But how can you find these profitable items?

One simple way is by using a market research tool, such as Zik Analytics. Using a tool like this, you can analyze your competitors to see what they’re selling, get eBay sales data on any item, discover the best selling items in any category, and much more.

A market research tool allows you to identify items that are currently hot, as well as spot trends before they become widespread. This enables you to find the most profitable items to sell on eBay.

Stack Those Profits

It’s true that some of these hacks may only save you a dollar or two per item. But it’s important to remember that when it comes to making profits on eBay, it’s about stacking small gains on top of each other.

You may only save one dollar per item, but if you sell 100 items, that’s $100 you’ve saved. Multiply that out over months and years and you can generate significantly more profit than you would otherwise.

So don’t wait any longer. Get out there and start stacking those profits on top of each other.

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