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I had a question from a reader last week if Amazon allowed package inserts.  My answer was “technically no, but its something Amazon has rarely enforced.”  Well, that has changed.  This week, Amazon clarified their insert policy.  When I saw this, I called a friend who works in upper management at Amazon.  She confirmed to me that Amazon plans to enforce this policy (possibly even during the holiday season).  So, if you have been doing this please be aware.

Here is the revised policy (note the area I have highlighted in boldface.

Customer reviews help customers make informed purchase decisions and are a great source of suggestions about how to improve your products. Authentic customer reviews help new customers find and evaluate your products before purchasing. We want to remind you that Amazon policies prohibit box inserts and product packaging that direct customers to write a positive review, even if no incentive is offered for the review. Similarly, directing customers to contact you instead of leaving a negative review on Amazon is also prohibited. Please ensure your product packaging and box inserts are compliant with these policies before shipping your products to a fulfillment center or to customers. If you have products that are already in fulfillment centers and are in violation of Amazon’s policies, you can create a removal order to proactively remove your inventory.

Review Amazon customer review policies on Seller Central

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  1. I stay away from any contact with Amazon customers unless it’s necessary. I wish it wasn’t that way. I’d love to ask my best customers some questions and offer them some deals or rewards. But I won’t unless or until some positive guidelines or examples get officially published.

  2. Amazon has a big problem with not allowing inserts and with reminders to leave feedback. We have sold 100’s of a single product on Amazon and we never get feedback. However, 1 non-verified customer who didn’t buy (a competitor no doubt) left a negative comment about our item not doing as it is supposed to (which is impossible due to what it is) and we now have 1 star since no one leaves feedback unless asked to. Since we can’t ask, sales have come to a halt and it’s hurting us and Amazon both. Until they realize what’s unfolding here both of us will suffer with no recourse!

    1. Author

      Amazon has clamped down on inserts because sellers were using them to drive traffic to their websites, but you can still use services such as Feedback Five -

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