Pro-Seller Talk has a long reputation (not as long as mine) for quality online training.  Until now, you had to pay to join their platform to access their many online training modules, webinars and well known speakers  (mostly delivered by YouTube). But today, they made their YouTube content completely FREE. Continue Reading

Holiday Online Shopping

Holiday sales are now in full swing, so if you have any inventory to send to FBA – SEND IT TODAY ! Amazon’s absolute cutoff to guarantee Christmas eve shipment is November 6th. NOTE That does not mean it needs to arrive that day.  Remember, it takes Amazon several daysContinue Reading

Make Money With The Amazon Affiliate Program

I have recently re-written and updated the book How to Make Money with The Amazon Affiliate System.  Updates are free for life.  So, if you have purchased the book in the past, just go to the page (we did ask you to bookmark that page) where you originally downloaded theContinue Reading

New Wholesale Sources

New Wholesale Sources for Amazon and Online Sellers, October 2019 Shades on Point Sunglass Co. offers Eco-friendly sunglasses with a polarized lens. And they plant a tree for every pair sold! Sozio Inc. creates and manufactures fragrances for perfumes, personal care, home and household products. Peterson Housewares merges innovation andContinue Reading

Wholesale Sources

Today’s post is a guest post by Moritz Bauer.    Moritz’s  blog –  Smartminded This is one of the best pieces I have read on the topic of Amazon SEO.  As you will see as you read this –it all comes down to choosing the best keywords and keyword phrases thatContinue Reading

Moritz Bauer at  just put together an excellent Info graphic on the subject.  It is short & sweet, yet packed with good information.  In addition to the infographic, there are excellent posts on the page full of interesting statistics about Amazon. Here is the link: Note – IContinue Reading

Amazon Seller

Eventually Amazon will be collecting, and paying sales tax in all states where they have operations, but in the meantime they have added several new states. Here is the official statement from Amazon: (Be sure and read the FAQ page as it has some good information) Tax collection for ordersContinue Reading