No matter which site you sell on (eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc), there is a basic truth –  “The more products (SKUs) you have for sale, the more you will sell and the greater your income will be.” Does this mean you should add products willy-nilly just to increase your SKUContinue Reading

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This is from Vik JC – The founder of FBA Stars Learn exactly how to start selling on Amazon using the simple Private Lable step-by-step video course. Follow these simple rules, whilst looking over my shoulder, in my accounts and get your first product launched to start making the extraContinue Reading


I continue to get questions from readers about Why I left eBay and am no longer writing books and newsletters about it.  Here are a few of my opinions: Amazon now outsells eBay by almost 10 to 1 Most of my regular readers and those who find me on theContinue Reading

T0 all my Christian readers and friends: Wishing you, and all your loved ones, a very Happy Easter. May the risen Christ our Lord bring you and your family abundant happiness and joy. Have a blessed, peaceful and Happy Easter. For my Jewish readers and friends: May this Passover bringContinue Reading


I always struggle with selecting a Mother’s Day Gift, but Amazon has made it easy this year.   Here is a selection of unique gifts that will make Mom shine. Whether you want to shower Mom with spring flowers or personalize a piece of jewelry with a special message, Amazon hasContinue Reading

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This is from a recent “corrected” letter from Amazon to sellers.  The original message lacked complete information We are not increasing our fees. However, some states consider Selling on Amazon fees, such as per item, order, and referral fees taxable services. Similarly, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) inventory prep fees, suchContinue Reading

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I always get questions about setting up eCommerce websites.  The major resource  I always recommend is Site Build It.  It is an excellent resource for setting up an eCommerce website and comes with a lot of support and hand holding.  But there is another option to consider –and it’s free! Continue Reading

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The Level Collection provides quality leather products like leather wristbands, watchbands, leather cuffs, and black leather bracelets. World of Jewels manufactures fine jewelry in 14k, 18k white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. They specialize in semi-mounts for engagement rings, solitaire rings, wedding sets, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants. The EnergyContinue Reading


Marketplaces like Amazon have allowed millions to start a business with less than $500. As the world’s most trusted e-commerce, Amazon seems like the ideal place to start. So, what do you do when you want to start a company but have no inventory to sell? For many, dropshipping hasContinue Reading