This is a guest post by Marco Alvarez at InkFrog. These days, lots of sellers are operating on both major marketplaces—Amazon and eBay. Often, however, this can feel difficult to pull off. After all, there are only so many hours in the day. You’d like to keep selling on eBay,Continue Reading

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It’s been over 10 years since I updated and revised my website, so I thought it was about time. NOTE: If you are still seeing the old site you will need to clear out your cache. So What’s New? New look and entirely redesigned New (and easier) navigation Breadcrumbs onContinue Reading

Amazon Seller

There are several reasons to do this: For individual sellers, Amazon charges you 15% Selling commission plus 99¢ per sale. The fee to become a professional seller is $39.95 per month, but as a Pro Seller you are only charged 15% –and not the extra 99¢. Therefore, if you sellContinue Reading

Complete Amazon Marketing System

Ever since I recommended the FBA Stars Training Program in this blog, I have received a ton of email from readers asking if I am still selling The Complete Amazon Marketing System.  The short answer to that question is yes, I am still selling The Complete Amazon Marketing System. The otherContinue Reading

This technique will work on both eBay and Amazon, but I have found it works better on eBay. It happens to all of us.  We put a quantity of goods on Amazon, and in February or August we get a notice from Amazon that our quantity on hand is aboutContinue Reading


eBay recently announced a new policy on drop shipping  And, like many eBay announcements, it caused more confusion than clarity. Here is a link to a great article that covers most of the details you need to know if you plan to drop ship on eBay.  It is probably theContinue Reading

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You get up to 40% discounts on Priority Mail Import orders directly from eBay, Amazon and more Save up to 40% on Package Insurance Stealth postage hides the postage amounts on your shipments Ship Worldwide with First Class International mail Be sure and hit the Special Offer Button for theContinue Reading