eBay & Amazon Customer Return Rates & Tips to Reduce Them

Returns happen – there is no way to prevent 100% of returns except by not taking them, but if you sell on Amazon or eBay, that is no longer an option because both sites now have mandatory return policies. We had a no-questions-asked return policy in our eBay listings  -yetContinue Reading

Increase Profits

1. Go Small & lightweight – Shipping (and Amazon storage) costs go up every year and can represent a huge portion of your income. Just as an exercise I kept a record of all my shipping costs last month. I had a total of 24 inbound shipments and 36 shipmentsContinue Reading

Amazon Seller

New listing requirements for Price Per Unit information This is a new announcement from Amazon regarding Price Per Unit information for products in the following consumable categories: BEAUTY BODY_CARE_PRODUCT FRAGRANCE, HAIR_CARE_PRODUCT HAIR_REMOVAL_AND_SHAVING_PRODUCT LUXURY_BEAUTY MAKE_UP, SKIN_CARE_PRODUCT HEALTH_MISC DAILY_LIVING_AIDS, DIETARY_SUPPLEMENTS HEALTH_FOOD, OTC_MEDICATION PERSONAL_CARE_APPLIANCE SEXUAL_WELLNESS BABY_FOOD GROCERY  Price Per Unit (PPU) information isContinue Reading

Complete Amazon Marketing System

I have some good news for those of you who are interested in purchasing The Complete Amazon Marketing System.  We recently had to start charging shipping due to the high costs, but I just found a new print-on-demand company to print the book set, which is saving me about $8Continue Reading


You have probably heard that FedEx, USPS and UPS rates are going up.  All three carriers recently announced a number of changes, affecting both domestic and international services. The shipping calculator, eBay labels, and PayPal labels have been updated to reflect these changes—make sure your shipping costs reflect these newContinue Reading


Want to know if the sales rank of your product is good? FBA Toolkit is a FREE Website site that shows an interactive chart of every Amazon category.  Just place your cursor along the line and it shows the sales rank and how many items will sell per day atContinue Reading

sales growth

No matter which site you sell on (eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc), there is a basic truth –  “The more products (SKUs) you have for sale, the more you will sell and the greater your income will be.” Does this mean you should add products willy-nilly just to increase your SKUContinue Reading

Special Offer

This is from Vik JC – The founder of FBA Stars Learn exactly how to start selling on Amazon using the simple Private Lable step-by-step video course. Follow these simple rules, whilst looking over my shoulder, in my accounts and get your first product launched to start making the extraContinue Reading