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A few weeks ago I introduced you to a new Amazon training system called FBA Stars.  Several of you wrote to me that you were very interested but the cost was too high.  Well, I have some really good news.  I spoke with Vik, the course owner, this week andContinue Reading


In the past two weeks I have received three emails asking if I would consider selling in the Amazon Subscribe & Save program.  The Subscribe & Save program gives Amazon buyers small discounts and free shipping when they subscribe to regular shipments of products in the baby care, household goods, healthContinue Reading

Starting March 18, 2019, for a limited time, Amazon will waive monthly inventory storage and removal fees for qualifying sellers who launch new-to-Amazon ASINs in eligible categories through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). To learn the details and find out if you qualify, visit Monthly storage and removal fee promotion forContinue Reading


The latest to leave is Dan Morales, the chief information officer (CIO), who has been with eBay since 2011.  Top Execs at both eBay US and on eBay’s foreign sites have been leaving at a rapid rate. Other recent departures include: Susana Voces, “general manager of eBay Spain and ItalyContinue Reading


eBay sellers used to be able to select the run time for their fixed price listings – but no more.  From now on, all fixed price listings must run for 30-days and be listed as Good Til Cancelled (GTC). I heard from my eBay sources this was in the worksContinue Reading


The State of California passed Proposition 65 in 1986 as a way to inform customers about hazardous chemicals in products they buy.  The law went into effect in 1988 and requires the State of California to publish a list of chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity. The lawContinue Reading

You may have some experience with dropshipping – but not everyone does, so let’s take a minute to fully understand it. What exactly is drop shipping? Drop shipping is selling something you don’t own. There are many companies that offer merchandise for sale who will ship the merchandise directly toContinue Reading

wholesale sources

Many wholesaler sources do not want the general public to see their wholesale pricing.  Therefore, they will often send you to a retail site or a website with no pricing.  When you see that, do two things:  First, look for a link to register for a wholesale account.  Second, ifContinue Reading

My 3 Best Retail Arbitrage Sources

I don’t do much Retail Arbitrage anymore because all that running around is too time-consuming.  These days I concentrate on buying wholesale products where I can just place an order by email, by telephone or on a source’s website. But I used to do a lot of retail arbitrage forContinue Reading