I remember my first eBay Live. It was held in Anaheim, near Disneyland. The entire event fit in a room that was smaller than some of the individual meeting rooms at this year’s event. There were about 2000 to 3000 attendees. This year’s event pulled 15,000 people from all overContinue Reading

Have you ever thought you could write an eBook and sell it on eBay or the web but you didn’t know how to go about marketing or delivering it. Check out EZ-Pub. This is a complete, simple solution. EZ-Pubs is the simple point and click system that makes it aContinue Reading

If you own or watch eBay’s stock you have seen almost 30% of your value erode over the past year. The stock has started to rebound lately, but it keeps getting hammered by the general market malaise. As I write this, the market was down 184 points on the DowContinue Reading

This will be my fifth time attending eBay Live and the fourth time we have exhibited. I know it’s too late to register for this year, but if you are at all serious about running an eBay business you really must try and attend one of these. Next year, willContinue Reading

Karen and I are busy getting ready for this year’s eBay Live convention in Las Vegas. If you plan to go I suggest you register now. Although the price break for registering early has passed, you will still save a lot of time in line at the convention if youContinue Reading

If you have a web site or are thinking about setting up a web site, then you will want to sign up with Google AdSense. This is a great way to make some extra money on your existing site or do what many people do and actually create specialized webContinue Reading

After consignment selling, trade shows are my favorite place to find merchandise to sell on eBay. This is where you find new items long before they hit the stores. There are trade shows all over the country for all kinds of merchandise. Just last month I was in Salt LakeContinue Reading

I have always been a fan of fixed shipping. When you perform a search on eBay, those auctions with fixed shipping show up with the shipping cost next to the item. I have run my auctions both ways. The auctions with the fixed shipping cost always get more hits –sometimesContinue Reading

I have always been a big supporter of eBay’s Trust & Safety group, but this is one policy I really hate. I warned you about this last month, but it is finally here. Earlier this year eBay announced its plans to make it easier for members to report possible listingContinue Reading

How many times have you opened an auction to see lines and lines of description typed one after the other without a break. And to make it worse these people always seem to choose the smallest font size they can find. There have been tons of studies by online marketingContinue Reading