Gallery Plus is a new listing option for your eBay auctions. At $0.75 ($2 for eBay Motors), it won’t break the bank, but it does seem rather pricey for what you get. Basically, it shows the potential bidder an enlarged photo of your item right from the search results page. TheyContinue Reading

With the increase in eBay Store fees, now more than ever driving traffic to your store is a critical element of your marketing strategy. It used to be that you could transfer slow moving inventory to your eBay store and just let it sit on the off chance someone mightContinue Reading

eBay rolls out Pre-Filled Items to 10 more categories this week saving sellers listing time and, in many cases, offering a stock photo for free. eBay has announced they will be adding “pre-filled items” to 10 new sub-categories: Consumer Electronics – CB Radios, Calculators, Phones Computers and Networking– Routers CamerasContinue Reading

Could eBay empower entrepreneurs by expanding to lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Iraq and other Middle Eastern countires? If you think back to the early days of eBay, what made it the huge success it has become today?  Total strangers could buy and sell from each other over this new thing calledContinue Reading

Coping with fee increases and the summer slowdown eBay’s store fee increase couldn’t have come at a worse time.  We are right in the middle of the seasonal summer slowdown.  I don’t know how much bidding activity declines in June, July and August, but it is significant.  I see itContinue Reading

eBay raises fees for eBay stores On July 20th, eBay announced a fee increase for eBay Stores. The initial reaction from the blogs and message boards was "OUTRAGE," but if you take the time to read the entire announcement, eBay’s action is not that unreasonable. It is important to rememberContinue Reading

I remember my first eBay Live. It was held in Anaheim, near Disneyland. The entire event fit in a room that was smaller than some of the individual meeting rooms at this year’s event. There were about 2000 to 3000 attendees. This year’s event pulled 15,000 people from all overContinue Reading

Have you ever thought you could write an eBook and sell it on eBay or the web but you didn’t know how to go about marketing or delivering it. Check out EZ-Pub. This is a complete, simple solution. EZ-Pubs is the simple point and click system that makes it aContinue Reading