After consignment selling, trade shows are my favorite place to find merchandise to sell on eBay. This is where you find new items long before they hit the stores. There are trade shows all over the country for all kinds of merchandise. Just last month I was in Salt LakeContinue Reading

I have always been a fan of fixed shipping. When you perform a search on eBay, those auctions with fixed shipping show up with the shipping cost next to the item. I have run my auctions both ways. The auctions with the fixed shipping cost always get more hits –sometimesContinue Reading

I have always been a big supporter of eBay’s Trust & Safety group, but this is one policy I really hate. I warned you about this last month, but it is finally here. Earlier this year eBay announced its plans to make it easier for members to report possible listingContinue Reading

How many times have you opened an auction to see lines and lines of description typed one after the other without a break. And to make it worse these people always seem to choose the smallest font size they can find. There have been tons of studies by online marketingContinue Reading

I get this question a lot and it has three answers: "Yes," "no" and "maybe." Let’s see which one applies to you. There is no doubt that it is much harder for the individual operating out of their home to make money on eBay today than it was even aContinue Reading

Cross promoting between all of your auctions and store listings is one of the best ways to increase your eBay sales. When a buyer clicks on one of your auctions, how would you like them to see a moving slide show right at the bottom of your auctions, that presentsContinue Reading

eBay now has over 150 official policies designed to regulate the eBay marketplace and to keep eBay a safe place to buy and sell. Many of eBay’s policies are designed to promote eBay’s best business interests, i.e. “Regulate the eBay marketplace,” and the balance are designed to make eBay aContinue Reading

Once you have your business established the natural trend is to try and grow it. Top eBay sellers call this scalability. I am not sure if that is a real word or not, but it means is your business designed in such a way that you can scale it largerContinue Reading