eBay now has over 150 official policies designed to regulate the eBay marketplace and to keep eBay a safe place to buy and sell. Many of eBay’s policies are designed to promote eBay’s best business interests, i.e. “Regulate the eBay marketplace,” and the balance are designed to make eBay aContinue Reading

Once you have your business established the natural trend is to try and grow it. Top eBay sellers call this scalability. I am not sure if that is a real word or not, but it means is your business designed in such a way that you can scale it largerContinue Reading

I get a lot of email from trading assistants asking about fees. How much should I charge? Should I charge a listing fee? Should I charge the consignor if something doesn’t sell? What are my competitors charging? The answer to the first question is the most important: You must chargeContinue Reading

Working a full-time job and running a profitable eBay business can be a real challenge. Some people seem to handle it with ease while others struggle. I did this for a number of years, and although we were successful, it was difficult at times. Of course, I had an advantageContinue Reading

Many people I talk to are making the same basic mistakes which is losing them money in auction sales. This checklist comes from my Complete eBay Marketing System and is a very basic checklist of what every seller should verify before launching an auction. 1. Have I checked spelling andContinue Reading

Using testimonials in your auction descriptions can increase bids and eBay prices If you are just starting your eBay business, it may be a little difficult to get testimonials, but once you have sold a few dozen items on eBay this becomes very easy. When a potential bidder is reading your auction,Continue Reading

In my opinion, Zibus.com is a total scam. This company claims to have access to drop ship products from famous name brands. There is no product pricing on the site. You fill out an application and then pay $19.95 to submit the application. After a week they call you backContinue Reading

In earlier days you could just put up an auction and say it was for a charity and there was no policing or a way to determine if you really gave the money to the charity or not. Today, there are two ways to run a charity auction on eBay.Continue Reading